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Suzy Ismail is the author of several books including "Modern Muslim Marriage," "9 to 5", "When Muslim Marriage Fails," and "The BFF Sisters." She specializes in presenting a range of communication lectures and diversity workshops at major corporations, conferences, schools, and universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Bryn Mawr, Stony Brook, John Hopkins, Drexel and many more.
Suzy is currently a Visiting Professor of Communication at DeVry University and the Founder and Head Communication Counselor at Cornerstone. She provides marriage and family seminars and counseling across the US and also teaches at a local high school. Suzy has appeared on numerous media outlets such as Fox News, BBC, PTV, ART along with many local networks. Her writing has been featured in a wide variety of magazines and journals. She also served as the Vice President of the Board of Directors of one of the top accredited Islamic schools in New Jersey and is a director on several other non-profit boards, commissions, and organizations. She resides in Princeton with her husband and three children.

Whether writing fiction or non-fiction for adults, for children, or for adults who are really children at heart, I've always loved writing. When I'm not writing, you can usually find me speaking-- either at home with my three kids, at high schools, universities, conferences, and corporations during guest presentations, or to my many college students at my actual day job. While I'm sure my passion for writing and speaking probably explains my undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field of Communication (and English and Middle-Eastern Studies), my interests don't end there.

In 2001, my middle grade novel “The BFF Sisters” was published by Amana Books.  I took a long writing break after that to study, work, and have kids (not necessarily in that particular order).  In 2010, my latent writing interest was revived and "When Muslim Marriage Fails" was published (also by Amana Books).  In 2011 "9 to 5: Muslims in the Western Workplace" was published and I began giving talks in earnest on the topics of my books in many different venues and to many different audiences. My next nonfiction book "Modern Muslim Marriage" was released in the Fall of 2012.  I am also currently working on several other fiction and nonfiction works that should hopefully be making an appearance very soon insha'Allah! 

For over sixteen years, I have been teaching at the university level in the Communication department in courses ranging from writing, public speaking, critical thinking, to strategic, technical, and professional communication in both online and onsite formats.  I have also written articles in a variety of magazines and journals (see links section of this site) and have been interviewed by several media outlets including Fox News, PTV, BBC, ART and many local networks. I was previously the curriculum developer and lead instructor at CML ( where I taught courses on creating sound relationships in marriage. More recently I founded Cornerstone, a counseling center for youth, families, couples, and individuals of which I am the Head Communication Counselor (    

I have conducted several presentations (please see the News section of this site) that focus on understanding diversity, increasing self-image and confidence through creative writing and presenting, learning how to write creatively, and on a variety of interfaith topics and a multitude of Islamic issues that range from marriage to unity to women. I lecture frequently at schools such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Rutgers, John Jay, BMCC, NJCU and many others and at companies such as Goldman Sachs and NJNG&E. My presentations have been tailored to audience members as young as 5 years old to 90 years old in schools, universities, libraries, mosques, chapels, and corporations. Feel free to contact me to set up a presentation date today.

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